Apparently a lot of people that come to Sweden fall in love with the idea of being Swedish. People from all over the world loving the cold winters,the welfare state,  H&M, Ikea, and the hypster looks of the perfectly shaped people that live in this country, decide to stay here. Sometimes it goes even further and a permanent residence permit doesn’t seem enough.

The cold culture and the idea of perfection consumes human beings from different countries. Germans, Colombians, Mexicans, Frenches, Italians, Kenyans, Japaneses, people from uncountable nationalities who want to change their passports, their way to approach people, their looks and to adopt the Fika culture. People start speaking in a bubbly way and their minds start working on ideas on how to stay longer in this country.

Denial at the beginning and then complete acceptance. A whole transformation; a complete change of  ideas, looks, language, way of being. This is the pattern I’ve seen in many of  my acquaintances while converting into what I’ve called: Swedeism.



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