Wrap-up of countries with job opportunities in 2010 that most of the current NOHA students missed because of the master.

Normally I don’t write posts in English. But since this is a special post, I want to share it with more people and specially to my NOHA family.

Here an overall graph of the employment market of humanitarians during 2010 and the disaggregated data that I used on a nice “calendar-like” table. Both products are  based on some events (the ones that I can remember) that took place during this year.

Most of us missed the opportunity to be involved in the humanitarian component of these events because we were trying to get ourselves a degree.



Bonus:  List of countries with permanent recruitment of humanitarians during 2010 ( in alphabetical order, this list is not exhaustive )

  • Afghanistan
  • DRC
  • Haiti
  • Indonesia
  • Iraq
  • Pakistan
  • Philllipines
  • Rwanda
  • Somalia
  • Sudan

If you have any suggestions please leave a comment!

Happy New Year to all of you!    A big hug to those who are in the field!      

One of the wishes for 2011:  Although being a humanitarian and having a job depends on having or not a lot of disasters (natural or manmade)  I really hope that this year the lives threaten during such events decrease!



10 Ways you can Fight Hunger in the #WorldFoodDay via @WFP

Check out this article… you can help using internet! It´s easy!

World Food Day on October 16 reminds the world that around one in seven people alive today are going hungry. Wherever you are, from New York to New Delhi, if you have access to Internet, you’re in a position to help fight hunger. Here are ten things you can do right now.

ROME—This year, the number of hungry people on Earth went down for the first time in five years, which is good news—but not good enough. There are still more than 925 million people, mainly children, who do not eat enough to be healthy

World Food Day is a time to think about them and about what we can do to help. Fortunately, there are more and more ways for individuals to take a stand in the fight against hunger.

For reading on the 10 simple and fun ways to help please read the complete article at the WFP web page.

Seguridad Alimentaria: Níger

“Desde marzo de 2010 otra crisis alimentaria afecta a Níger. Para ayudar a la población local de manera sostenible, dos jóvenes voluntarias de la Cruz Roja de Mónaco, con el apoyo de personal de la Sección Internacional Humanitaria y la Cruz Roja de Nigeria, han puesto en marcha un proyecto para luchar contra la desnutrición utilizando la espirulina”

El siguiente video explica el proyecto (en francés).  Asimismo, el video es parte de un concurso del Comité Internacional de la Cruz Roja de jóvenes reporteros. Una compañera de la maestría, una humanitaria extremadamente dedicada, una de mis mejores amigas y un excelente ser humano, es la autora de este video. Si quieren apoyar el proyecto y a Charlotte Maurier*, les agradecería su voto en youtube.

*Por cierto, Charlotte también es excideita! 😉