Hoy tengo ganas…

Hoy, tengo ganas de salir a la calle. Encontrarme en la esquina a una señora vendiendo quesadillas. Ir a un mercado y ver los colores. Tengo ganas de pasear por Reforma y terminar en el Zócalo. Se me antoja después ir a chacharear a Coyoacán, tal vez darme una vuelta por la Universidad. Seguro la noche empezará en un bar en la Condesa y terminará en casa de alguien que viva cerca.

Hoy tengo ganas de ver y escuchar la Ciudad;  de probar sus sabores, de sentir sus olores. Hoy tengo ganas del DF.



Apparently a lot of people that come to Sweden fall in love with the idea of being Swedish. People from all over the world loving the cold winters,the welfare state,  H&M, Ikea, and the hypster looks of the perfectly shaped people that live in this country, decide to stay here. Sometimes it goes even further and a permanent residence permit doesn’t seem enough.

The cold culture and the idea of perfection consumes human beings from different countries. Germans, Colombians, Mexicans, Frenches, Italians, Kenyans, Japaneses, people from uncountable nationalities who want to change their passports, their way to approach people, their looks and to adopt the Fika culture. People start speaking in a bubbly way and their minds start working on ideas on how to stay longer in this country.

Denial at the beginning and then complete acceptance. A whole transformation; a complete change of  ideas, looks, language, way of being. This is the pattern I’ve seen in many of  my acquaintances while converting into what I’ve called: Swedeism.

Latino spirit

The cultural shocks continue. It’s been a while since I arrived to this side of the world and  my cultural background keeps giving me plenty of surprises. After several hours of listening to “Latino music” – from all sort of Latin-American countries and styles-  I found out that the “telenovela” phenomenon is present in every single feature of our beings.

Recently I’ve been involved in a number of ups and downs that challenged my mental stability (not that I am clinical crazy yet); and I found out that some of those episodes have been directly affected by the Latino perception of the social environment.  I am not sure that this is a good thing, so from now on, although I will never stop being a latina, I will try to Europeanize my behavior in certain aspects.  How it will end, I have no idea.

The power of information

I’ve been reading on the #wikileaks scandal raised at the end of last year (again). More than a whistle blowing attempt and a nice prosecution that gave the world something to gossip about, information in the new era just gained another battle. Whatever the impact on diplomacy and current politics, the information proved not to be secure anymore. Is it then time for real accountability of States to start? Is it the beginning of the understanding that information belongs to everyone?
Hopefully governments will start being a little bit more cautious in their actions and being more accountable to their citizens. Anyways I love reading on gossips of the entire world, it gives some spice to the still existing political scientist inside me!

My life without internet

My computer skills have been tested by the lack of network connection during the last week. Although I have been quite busy with friends and trying to finish all the pendent things I have in Switzerland, I have to admit that it is quite difficult to be offline for a while. It is worse when you rely on that single tool to do almost whatever job you need to finish.
One of the most difficult challenges is how to get my thesis done since I rely hundred percent on online documents and features to write it and get information. So far, let’s hope I can arrive to Sweden safely and start being connected to the world again.

ROAR btw,  I’ve just realized I started a  sort of diary to be posted on my blog. :S damn!

A night with me, myself and my music

( 22 01 11)

Today I stayed at home. I was reflecting again. Meditation has become part of my daily understanding of myself. The understanding of the life I chose. I realized that becoming a humanitarian and deciding not to stand still in one place has repercussions in my inner development as a human being.

Although I am able to establish long lasting relationships based on networking attempts when it comes to relationships person to person I don’t know how to behave.  I don’t know if in this process of continuous changing I lost the notion on how to be social for establishing  friendships or at least a nice moment with others.
Am I becoming crazier? Probably.  Sometimes I don’t know who I am and sometimes I can’t even stand being with myself. Is it part of growing up? Of establishing who you want to be? I thought I knew that after being a teenager; but again, I have no idea what’s going on.
At least, the good vibes keep being part of my daily approach to the new challenges life sets in front of me. So with nice spirit and trying to maintain my mind working in other issues rather than discovering my inner me, I have to start another day tomorrow.

Rediscovering myself

Another cycle has ended. It seems that it was yesterday when I met my new NOHA family in Aix-en- Provence, finished my first semester in Uppsala, moved right away to Bochum, spent my summer in France and moved here to Geneva. It is amazing how much I’ve change in these months. I’ve experienced the best and the worst of myself, feeling the worst and the best of my moods.

Geneva has been an interesting place for me to know what I don’t want to be, what I want to do, and who I can be. Today, also in Geneva, I found again the nice vibes that were not present for some time – I have to thank my guy friends that helped me to understand how complicated sometimes we girls are and also my girl friends who tried to push me to their side (BTW it is not going to happen :P).

So, for all the people that met me a couple of weeks after I arrived to Geneva and for all of you that listened and had to deal with all my unstable modes:  Let me introduce myself again!

Good vibes to everyone and please fall in love every single day with the smallest and weirdest things life has to offer!